Friday, July 27, 2012

Another T-Shirt for pretty princess.

I made Pretty Princess another T-shirt. The sleeves and hood are left over from the first T-shirt and she picked out the blue material which has pirate ships all over it. I tired to stear her towards some flowers and butterflies but she wouldn't have a bar of it. At least they are bright colours black on children all the time is depressing. I made a six this time, which i am not really sure of the point cause around the tummy it's only another 3mm. Lucky that Pretty Princess is straight up and down. She loves this top and i think letting her pick the material helps. The sleeves are a litte long to but as my middle child Miss Diva  points out that she needs longer sleeves cause when she wipes her nose on i can roll them up. mmmmmmm 8 year old logic sometimes makes sense. Just to make it clear these are not two seperate T-shirts. The sleeves and the hood are attached to the blue material and the blue material is a single layer. I am off to swimming lessons for the kids. Have a great weekend.

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