Monday, September 20, 2010

My middle childs new hot pink pants

This a BURDA pattern, size 8, pair of pants. This is slow progress due to the fact for some reason I am not finding the instruction that easy to follow which means i can only sew when all the kids are in bed dues to the fact i need to concentrate.
The first three steps were for the Hip Yoke Pockets. I finished off the outer edge of the pocket with some bias tape, looks white in this photo but the it's a light pink.

Step 4 to 6 were sewing on the back yokes and back pockets.
Later tonight when the kids are in bed i will sew the side seams and inside leg seams.......
Last photo is of my daughters room after i spent a couple of hours to clean it this morning. Sad thing is i know that it will only take them a couple of minutes to trash it. Now waiting for the dear husband to come home, ment to have his parents coming round to visit kids for their birthdays this weekend.