Monday, August 16, 2010

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes.

Wedges seem to be back for Spring and summer 2010.

Which is fantastic since I missed the first time it came around, and they're going to go perfectly with this season's headscarves and turbans. With lots of legs this season, you are going to need a shoe that helps shape your legs and butt while still being walkable. So this is the shoe for you! They're easy to move in, or even run around (not that I will be doing a lot of that).

A wedge shoe is different from other heels because the heel exists in a large "wedge" from heel to toe. The wedge, in comparison, sits under the heel and then follows the entire length of the foot to the toe. A platform wedge has the area from the ball of the foot to the toe raised up equal to or less than the heel height.

One of the great things about wedge shoes currently is that the color choice is almost unlimited.
Your color selection can range from a traditional black, to a vibrant fuchsia, to a classic or wild pattern. The key thing to remember about the color is to choose the color based on the look of the outfit.
Simply by changing the color of the wedge, the entire outfit can change