Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Who are the Smurfs Mum?

The other day Miss Diva saw the trailer on the television for The Smurfs. "Mum who are the Smurfs?" Well i almos feel off my chair. i only turned 30 this year but boy did that make me feel old. So for the older two birthdays (They are only two days apart) I took them to 3D Smurfs which was a rip off as only some of the movie was in 3D and it cost more for the privilege of wearing their glasses which they make sure you hand back at the end of the movie with a bucket shoved into your face as you head for the exit. I loved the movie, i even teared up during some of it which i am not that sort of person. So here is a photo of my three trouble makers My little man (12), Princess (3)and Miss Diva (8) standing in front of their promotional sign. I also have a new favourite Smurf Gutsy Smurf (He wears the kilt)

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