Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jackets for Winter in the middle of summer

We are in the middle of winter, or what is ment to be Winter. Today is 23 degrees and spitting. It's weird not that i mind the cold, think i was ment to be born in a igloo. But i am not making and buying any more summer clothes for my children one because Spotlight seems to be bringing out winter patterns and i am sure my kids will get heaps of summer clothes for xmas, so i have decided to make demin jackets for my kids from a Burda pattern. Burda patterns always challenged me, i find their patterns confusing but not to let it beat me i am going to finish this one. This is Chocolate one with Red Linning. and is for my oldest daughter. It has taken me nine hours of on and off work to get this far. The frist picture is of our six foot xmas tree, took a couple hours with THE KIDS HELP.

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