Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Treat For Mummy

Started my pants yesterday. I washed and dried the material in the tumble dryer. Yeah i know, but in my defence almost everything i own goes into the tumble dryer i don't own a clothes line. I can just see people now falling off their chairs. I also was slack and didn't iron the material and i can just see that coming back to bite me in the butt somewhere along the way. So i used my beautiful mothers (suck) to hold my material cause i read somewhere that if you have material hanging off the edge it can pull the rest out of shape. So it's all cut out and marked so this afternoon i am hopping to sew. Fingers crossed. oh if it comes up well i might make my mum a pair with the left over material hence she gave it all to me. Yep she is a gem.

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